Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Terrorism Will NOT Deter Our Aliyah!

It has been a horrifying day. I have been frantically emailing and tweeting to check in with friends to see if they are okay after this morning’s cowardly and unspeakable act of terrorism. 31 people got up today expecting it to be like any other and it was until the bomb exploded. Dozens have been injured, one person was killed, and countless live have been effected (including my own).

My wife and I have been absorbed in the aliyah process for almost a year and, like clockwork, whenever something happens in Israel (and the Middle East in general) we are asked whether we are still planning on moving. Every time, including right now, our answer is a resounding YES! When someone attacks your home you don’t run away.

We understood at the onset of our journey that acts such as those over the past couple of weeks could happen. Do we pray for peace? Of course we do but we cannot stand on the sidelines and wait, we can’t expect others to stand in our place, we can’t say we support our home and our people with all our heart and soul if we are not there. This is our home and we are not going to run away!

I know I am not the only one who feels this way – I am not the first and I am not the last. I know that many people will not understand or agree with these views but they should think about the power that conviction in the face of terrorism can possess. We saw this in the US after 9/11 but these “smaller” events can have a similar impact. Take a couple of minutes to watch the following video and think about how many lives have been changed. Think about how many people have been able to go home thanks to Rabbi Yehoshua Fass and Nefesh B’Nefesh.  

The objectives of these acts of terror are to kill some and frighten, to get rid of, and prevent the rest of us from returning home. Have these events scared me? I would be lying if I said they didn’t. Will they prevent me from making aliyah? NO! Will they get rid of me? NO! I am going home!

 We are one people with one home. No one can take away our faith. No one can take away our home. Acts of terror should bring us together. These events should motivate us to change our lives and appreciate all that Hashem has given us. While these recent events have made me stop and think, they will never deter me from going home! 

I will continue to pray for peace, for the victims and their families, and that everyone will be able to find their way home!


  1. Sean, Thank you for starting this conversation. I will be making Aliyah in July, to Be'er Sheva. As everyone well knows, Aliyah is a commitment which embodies many, many convictions. I weep at the news of today's violence, so closely following the horror of the Fogel family murders. Does it make me want to stay in the United States? Quite the opposite. Like a marriage in sickness and in health, my commitments to Israel are far more important than any concerns over personal safety. I join you in prayer. Sammy
    West Palm Beach > Be'er Sheva July 2011

  2. I'm the wife and I couldn't have said it better myself.

  3. Hi Sammy, My wife and I are anticipating making Aliyah in July or August. Not sure exactly where at this point but the important thing is that we are going home! We stand with Israel and with our people and we will continue to pray for peace in our homeland and in our hearts. L'Hitraot!

  4. Sean and Samantha,
    The situation in Israel has been going on for 64 years to my knowledge, and for thousands of years before that. In other words the situation is nothing new. Every day the media is broadcasting the news about Israel and the trouble in the Middle East. It is horrible, but worse when your heart is set on "Going Home". Your commitment, all of the excitement, your plans, your joy upset by the reality of the possible dangers you have to take into consideration. As I said, what's happening in Israel is nothing new. I have been hearing it for years. I am sad because of what is happening in Israel and everywhere in the world. Now that you and Sean will be moving to Israel I am that much more concerned. I want you to be able to live your dream, and be safe, enjoy good health, have abundance, and experience every happiness that life has to offer.
    I love you!
    Aunt, M.

  5. Thank you Aunt M. You're support means a great deal to us. The most difficult part of this whole process is facing the realization that we will be leaving behind the ones we love. We have had to come to terms with this and now we must come to terms with this new reality. But, this is our home, which we love, and our people whose bond is stronger than blood. We will continue to pray for the safety and security of our land and our people just as we pray for the health and happyness of our loved ones. Shabbat Shalom!